Nx Witness Tech Specs

Connect. View. Manage. Scale.

Nx Cloud is a public cloud application hosted on Amazon AWS that enables simple remote connectivity, streaming, and management of one or an unlimited number of Nx Witness Systems.

Tech Specs

Connect. Discover. View. Manage.

Nx Witness Desktop combines performance, ease-of-use, and a ‘let the user decide how best to use the software’ approach into a single cross-platform lightweight app capable of running on everything from Atom based tablets to Xeon based servers.

Tech Specs

Smart Phone. Smart Mobile Video.

Nx Witness Mobile – with a custom developed media player – is a low-latency, user-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android devices that allows users to connect to, view, search, and control IP cameras over Wifi or Data networks.

Tech Specs

Lighweight. Powerful. Server Hive.

The Nx Server application is a lightweight, powerful media server responsible for discovering, connecting to, and managing Nx Witness system devices and data.

Tech Specs

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